Traditionally, UX Camp London is a once-a-year affair. But after this years event, we found it so awesome that we couldn't bare to wait a whole year for the next one. We've decided to do UX Camp twice a year! Join us for our spring edition in early 2014.

UXCamp London is a BarCamp focused on exploring user experience, where we come together to share ideas, get inspired and develop our skills. Now in it’s fifth year, UXCamp boasts an eclectic mix of talks and discussions from seasoned UX’ers and novices alike; for anyone interested in user experience design, information architecture, usability and more. There are no set talks, nor any product pitches; the content of the day is shaped by all those who attend, anyone can hold a talk or host a discussion.

At UX Camp London, there will be 10 classrooms to book for your talk at any one time and over ten time-slots in which to present in; that's over 100 possible sessions! Each session is 25 minutes; this includes your presentation and any Q&A's. If you'd like to have a longer session, you are welcome to book a successive slot if possible.

Where and When

The next UXCamp London is going ahead on the Saturday the 22nd of March 2014 and is taking place at Central Foundation Boys School in Old Street, London.

Central Foundation Boys School, Cowper Street, London, EC2A 4SH

Who is it for?

UXCamp London is for anyone at all who is interested in User Experience. UXCamp has been host to a broad selection of attendees including seasoned UX practitioners who want to connect with other members of the field and trade ideas, designers and developers who want to learn more about another aspect of creating great products and services & students who want to be more involved in the community and develop their skills.

Something for the kids

We know it can be hard to arrange childcare when wanting to go to an event, particularly for a weekend event like UX Camp London. Although we already welcome children to the event if they'd like to come, we wanted to organise something fun for them to do.

Code Club at UX Camp London

Code Club is an initiative to get children coding by helping them to make a variety of projects like computer games and websites. So far over 1600 primary schools in the UK host a Code Club and with their recent global expansion that number is set to increase. If you'd like to find out more about Code Club, visit their official website.

With the help of some great volunteers, we're going to be doing an all-day session of Code Club at UX Camp London. Though Code Club is usually provided as a series of weekly sessions, we'll be working through all sessions of the curriculum.

Our Code Club workshop is suitable for ages 8-12. If you'd like to sign your child up for our Code Club activities, look below and grab a Code Club ticket!

Screen Printing

Drop in to our screen printing workshop on the day and learn how to print stencils on notebooks!


We have found that there is a high demand for tickets when they are released. We feel that it is better to release the tickets in batches rather than all at once so everyone has a fair chance to get one!

  1. Batch One: Wednesday the 13th of November at 1PM
  2. Batch Two: Wednesday the 20th of November at 1PM
  3. Batch Three: Wednesday the 27th of November at 1PM
  4. Batch Four: Monday the 10th of March at 1PM

Sponsors of UXCamp London 2014

Google Mailjet Fatdux

What is a BarCamp?

Unlike a traditional conference, a BarCamp is an event which is shaped by the attendees. Rather than having a day of scheduled speakers, you are given the opportunity to present yourself. The goal is to share what you know, learn from others and ignite discussion.

The Rules of UXCamp

  1. You do talk about UXCamp London
  2. You do blog about UXCamp London
  3. If you want to present, you just write your topic in an available slot on the timetable at the event.
  4. Get involved! We want everyone who attends to participate, whether thats giving a talk, having discussions or asking questions, it's up to you.

You create the schedule: at the start of the day anyone who wants to has the opportunity to sign up for a speaking slot. What you want to talk about is up to you! Previous sessions have been anything from “Live Wireframing” and “From post-its to personas” to “Visual Note Taking” and “A Hitchhikers guide to Gamification”.

How can you get involved?

BarCamps are a community effort and there are ways in which you can get yourself involved with UXCamp London. Apart from signing up to do a talk or encouraging others to do so, you can help us with the following.


UXCamp London is a non-profit event, run by volunteers who give their time to organise the event and run it on the day. By providing the event with sponsorship you will help contribute to the costs of venue hire and any miscellaneous costs such as materials to present the talks (pens, paper, whiteboards).

If you choose to sponsor UXCamp, your brand will be exposed to the leading members of the industry. You will feature prominently in front of our delegates as well as being promoted to a wider audience in all of our conference material including the UXCampLondon website, EventBrite & Lanyrd page, posters at the event, all email correspondence between us and attendees and tweets from the @uxcamplondon account.

If you're interested in sponsoring UXCamp London, get in touch with us at


UXCampLondon has always been a volunteer run event. We need people to help us make sure everything runs smoothly; from set-up and take down to directing people to the right rooms. If you think you can volunteer some of your time to help, please email us at: Things we need help with:

  • Set-Up Before Event
  • Morning Registration
  • Sketchnoting
  • Photography
  • Runners
  • Room Chaperones

UXCamp London Schedule

Registration will begin at 10.00am and our introduction and opportunity to sign up for a talk will be at 11am. There are 10 session accross the day to present in.

A light breakfast of bagels & fillings will be provided at the start of the day and coffee will be served throughout. There is an hour for lunch in which you can go out and grab a bite to eat.

10.00 - 10.30am Morning Registration
10.30 - 11.00am Introduction & Talk Sign-Up
11.00 - 11.25am Session One
11.35 - 12.00pm Session Two
12.10 - 12.35pm Session Three
12.35 - 1.50pm Lunch
1.50 - 2.15pm Session Four
2.25 - 2.50pm Session Five
3.00 - 3.25pm Session Six
3.35 - 4.00pm Session Seven
4.10 - 4.35pm Session Eight
4.45 - 5.10pm Session Nine
5.20 - 5.45pm Session Ten
6.30 + Post Event Drinks

Each session is 25 minutes; this includes your presentation and any Q&A's.